Pumpkin Carving & Halloween Party


It’s that time of year again: Halloween is coming up and this time we’re organising two events for you!

As Halloween falls on a Monday this year, we’ve decided to start the festivities early on Friday and Saturday.

For the first time, you have the chance to come on by and carve some pumpkins with friends and fellow students; you can then either take them home with you or have them decorate the courtyard for the party the next evening!

There’ll be a buffet as usual, take a look at the foodle and sign yourself up with some contributions- anything is appreciated!

Of course we’ll be manning the bar again, with our usual cheap prices that are even cheaper if you turn up in costume! You can also bring your own booze along.


Pumpkin Carving: Friday 28th October, from 7.30 pm onwards in the Grosser Hörsaal. Nibbles, a soundtrack and drinks will be provided, just bring along your own pumpkin, knives, some great ideas and perhaps some team members!

Party: Saturday 29th October, 8 pm onwards, again in the Grosser Hörsaal and hopefully also the courtyard, providing the weather holds. Bar, buffet, music is provided, feel free to bring along your own booze and definitely come in costume- that makes you eligible for even cheaper drinks ;)

Hope to see many of you there, bringing your best costume game!

Kubrick Movie Night

Happy October! In order to get into the Halloween Spirit, we’ll be screening Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining on October 11th in Room 11 of the English Seminar.
Peter Burleigh, who is teaching a Kubrick-related Proseminar this Semester, will give a short introduction to the movie before we begin.

Popcorn and drinks will be provided to you, but feel free to bring cushions or blankets to get more cozy!

Time: 7 p.m
Date: 11th October
Location: Room 11, English Seminar

End of Term Party: 02.06.2016

End of term is approaching and so is our traditional BBQ!
Come to the courtyard of Nadelberg 6 and wind down after your last exams. Have a drink, grill some meat, veggies or animal-free steaks – whatever floats your boat – and indulge in some sweet and savoury snacks from the buffet. Non-alcoholic drinks and beer will be provided, but since we are expecting a lot of students and money still doesn’t grow on trees, there will be a Kässeli for donations.

If you like to share your cooking skills with us, feel free to add your dish to the buffet and the foodle: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qAJ7mLubFKh9axtQcQRMZckFj_HxyWk2BJy6oJKYvNQ/edit?ts=573376dd#gid=0

In a nutshell:
Where we meet: English Seminar courtyard (Grosser Hörsaal as bad weather option)
When: Thursday, 2. June; from 7 p.m. onwards
Bring along: Your own meat(-free) grillables
Optional: Join the foodle, bring your own booze

We’re looking forward to a fun evening with you all!
Your FGs English and Nordistik

Shakespeare Movie Nights

The FG would like to invite you to several Shakespeare screenings at the English seminar in room 11.

The programme is as follows:

o Tue, 5 April: Much Ado About Nothing
o Mon, 11 April: Coriolanus
o Tue, 26 April: Twelfth Night
o Mon, 2 May: The Comedy of Errors
o Tue, 10 May: Titus Andronicus
o Tue, 17 May: Romeo and Juliet
o Mon, 23 May: As You Like It
o Tue, 31 May: Macbeth

Screenings always start at 18:30h. In case of thirst and hunger, bring your own nibbles and drinks along.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

1st April: Pub Crawl

Is your mind already occupied with presentations and lots of homework? There is no better cure for that than joining us, the FG, in our next Pub Crawl in Grossbasel.

Times and places:
6:45pm English seminar
7 – 8:30 1777
8:30 – 10 Café des Arts
10 – 11:30
11:30 – open end Werk 8

The first meeting is in front of the English seminar!
Save the date! We’re looking forward to seeing many of you.

27th November: Star Wars Episode VI movie night

As already announced, the FG will be screening another Episode of Star Wars to prepare you for the day when the force awakens!

This time we will read snippets from „The Jedi Doth Return“ – a Shakespearian version of Star Wars – and have a short discussion afterwards.
Drinks and nibbles will be provided. The only things you will have to bring along are some cozy pillows and special snacks in case our buffet does not entirely suit your fancy. ;)

Where: English department, Nadelberg 6, room 11
When: Friday, 27.11.15 from 8pm onwards
The screening starts at 8:15 pm, so please be in time.

30th October: Halloween Party

Even though Halloween doesn’t fall on a Friday this year, we’ll nevertheless smash an aweseome Halloween party on the 30th in the Grosser Hörsaal (and weather willing, also in our gloomy courtyard).

Foods and soft drinks will be provided.
You can get cheap drinks at our bar (even cheaper if you come in costume, so dress up!) or feel free to bring your own booze.

Time: 8pm onwards
Place: English Seminar, Grosser Hörsaal (and weather willing, also in our gloomy courtyard)

Save the date for this spooky event!

18th September: Pub Crawl!

How to better start a fresh semester than by joining our second Pub Crawl, this time in Grossbasel? Whether you are a newbie or an “oldie” getting back into the habits of a student’s life, this evening will be your “welcome (back)”!

Times and places (note that the bars might change!):

18:00 English Seminar
19.00 Cargo Bar
(20:00 Manger & Boire )
21:00 – open end Skubar

The first meeting is in the courtyard at the English Seminar.

Please also note that you will get the first round (wine/beer) for free at the English Seminar.
So, save the date!

When clicking on the link below you will find the detailed route!


30th May: End-of-term BBQ (new venue!)

The FG Englisch and FG Nordistik would like to invite you to this year’s end-of-term BBQ-party.
Don’t forget these important facts:

Where: St. Johannspark (tram 11 to St. Johannstor) see map
When: Saturday, 30th of May, from 5pm onwards
Bring your own food. Drinks available while stock lasts. (Or BYO.)
Contributions to our piggy bank welcome!

Let’s have a marvellous feast to celebrate the end of this semester!

Über die Aufgaben der Universitäten

In diesem NZZ-Artikel erklärt Gottfried Schatz (Biochemiker und emerit. Prof. der Uni Basel) noch einmal den oft übersehenen Unterschied zwischen Ausbildung und Bildung, zwischen Wissensvermittlung und Wissenschaft.

Wissenschaft beschäftigt sich nicht vorrangig mit Wissen, sondern mit Unwissen. Sie verwandelt dieses Unwissen in Wissen, wobei ihr der Akt der Umwandlung meist wichtiger ist als das Ergebnis. Leidenschaftliche Forscherinnen und Forscher betrachten das von ihnen geschaffene Wissen fast als ein Nebenprodukt, dessen Verwaltung und Weitergabe sie gerne anderen überlassen. Ein Lehrbuch der Biochemie wäre für sie nicht «Biochemie», sondern die Geschichte der Biochemie – eine Zusammenfassung dessen, was sie bereits wissen oder zumindest wissen sollten. Ihre Heimat ist nicht das gesicherte Wissen, sondern dessen äusserste Grenze, wo Wissen dem Unwissen weicht.

In der Realität des wissenschaftlichen Alltags beschäftigen sich allerdings die meisten Wissenschafter mit Verwaltung und Weitergabe von Wissen, und nur eine kleine Minderheit – die aktiv Forschenden – verwandelt Unwissen in Wissen. Und in dieser Minderheit ist es wiederum nur eine winzige Elite, der es vergönnt ist, das höchste Ziel eines Forschenden zu erreichen: neues Unwissen zu schaffen. Also etwas zu entdecken, von dem wir nicht wussten, dass wir es nicht wissen. Als Gregor Mendel die Einheiten der Vererbung, Sigmund Freud das Unterbewusste und Albert Einstein das Relativitätsprinzip entdeckte, erschlossen sie uns geheimnisvolle neue Welten des Unwissens, deren Erforschung unser Weltbild entscheidend verändert hat.